What We Have Done

Custom Website Designs

We design and create fully customized websites according to whatever our client's unique needs are.


To see more go to our Portfolio.

Template Options - Create Your Own Site

For a hands-on and/or more affordable option, we provide hosting where the client is able to create their own website through the use of one of our pre-designed templates. These services are offered through Merrimack Valley Domains. Here the client is able to be as hands-on as they wish, purchase hosting, set up email, choose and edit their own template amongst other services.

Many clients prefer that we set up the template and offer access to the files afterwards so they can make edits to the content or perhaps just one particular page.

Check out Pitter Patter Academy (pitterpatteracademy.com) which was created with Merrimack Valley Domains.

Mobile Websites or Responsive Websites

Here at Merrimack Valley Web Design we are proud to provide our customers with a mobile website to add in addition to their website. As another option, we also create responsive websites that will look good on all your devices.

Check out Drive Health and Fitness (drivehealthandfitness.com) on your mobile device.

Check out Excelsior Realty Group (www.excelsiorrealty.net) on all your devices.


We provide services to iMaxWebSolutions. iMax is a real estate web solutions company founded and managed by real estate professionals.

For more information on iMax, Go Here. We create custom iMax websites for RE/MAX agents in the Merrimack Valley Area. Below are some current custom designs we have created for iMax.

To see more go to our iMax Portfolio.