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We work with all types of businesses; small or large; local or far. We love to work with local businesses in the Merrimack Valley areas of MA and Southern NH so we can establish a face to face relationship but if you are not local, we will establish a virtual relationship.

If your office is local, we will come by and meet you and get to know you and your business. If you are not local, we'll figure it out - it is the web afterall! The nature of our business allows us to work with anyone, anywhere, anytime and we continue to do this successfully. We have many distant clients with whom we have a productive virtual partnership.


Need a website? If you are just starting out and need to establish a presence on the web, you've come to the right place. We offer development services and design websites based on the needs of each individual customer.

You may have a website but need a mobile ready version of it. Remember, all websites will open up on smart phones and tablets, however, they are not all mobile ready. A responsive website will resize itself accordingly and a truly mobile ready website will be thumb friendly. This is a separate version of your site that is created for mobile devices.

We listen to your needs, propose a plan and take action.


Things change through the years and your website needs to keep up. What worked online five to ten years ago may no longer be recommended for various reasons. Many businesses are realizing that they need to update thier websites just as you would update your wardrobe or the interior design of your home. In time, these things just look old and not keeping current can get people talking about you in the wrong way.

If it is time for a redesign, you have come to the right place. We will evaluate your specific needs and your current website prior to coming up with an affordable and sensible program for you.


Has your business gotten so busy that you can't keep up with your website? Good for you! That's awesome. We maintain the content of many websites for our customers, whether we developed them originally or not. Our maintenance programs are based on the needs of your business. Information may need to change daily, weekly, monthly or perhaps even quarterly. You set the pace. We will take the worry away from you by keeping the content fresh.

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How do we get to the top of Google? I have a Facebook page for my business but I don't know what to do with it. These are things we hear all of the time here at Merrimack Valley Web Design. How can we help? We offer Search Engine Optimization services and have achieved pretty impressive results for our clients. We also maintain Facebook business pages for many of our clients that just do not have time to do it or we share the responsibility with them so that the page stays active and has a variety of content. We Tweet too!

That's what we do.

Other Services

We also offer domain name registration through www.MerrimackValleyDomains.com, email services, mobile ready websites, social media marketing, photography and more.

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iMax Web Solutions - Sites for RE/MAX Agents

Merrimack Valley Web Design is the chosen provider of web design services for iMax Web Solutions. iMax offers a full suite of online business management tools to RE/MAX Agents and we provide web design services for the front end. In addition to set up, customized design and graphics, we also offer site maintenance, social media marketing, SEO, listing promotion websites and email branding to the agents through this program.

For more information on iMax, Go Here. We create custom iMax websites for RE/MAX agents in the Merrimack Valley Area. View our custom designs on our iMax Portfolio.